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In the sterile environment of The Sleepy Hollow Children’s Hospital, 11-year-old Sorel, a lonely princess from the world of Arkomo, finally makes her first friend.

According to an ancient prophecy, Sorel’s existence portends doom for the Princes of Arkomo – all one hundred of them. Yet she lives among them in the Princes’ Keep – using her powers of Hiding to remain unseen and unnoticed with the help of her twin brother, Sabian. Every century Arkomo’s four kings perform a spell that steals the life force of their sons so they can remain young for another hundred years. Sorel has guessed the Prophecy’s secret, but if she reveals her identity to warn the princes, she will be condemned to death.

One night Sorel visits the Keep’s Aviary, where a sacred tree shows her how to open a magical doorway into a children’s hospital in New York. There, she meets Grace.

At 11-years old, Grace has just been diagnosed with a rare liver tumor that’s slowly killing her. She hates the hospital and all the doctors and nurses who won’t stop poking at her. But most of all, Grace hates the stupid tumor that’s stolen everything from her – a normal life, a healthy body and the entire first month of sixth grade. She’s depressed, in pain and about to give up until she meets Sorel – a child only she can see – and learns about Arkomo – a place she used to dream about when she was just a little kid.

Together Grace and Sorel might have the power to save one hundred princes – and maybe each other – but they’re both running out of time.

DOORWAYS TO ARKOMO is on sale now at and Smashwords. You can also order a signed copy directly from the book’s web site. Click here for ordering options.

DOORWAYS TO ARKOMO is a upper middle grade fantasy (perfect for ages 10 to 14 with a little wiggle room in either direction). The book will be approximately 68,000 words (approximately 220 pages) and is the first of a three part series. Learn more about the plot and get to know the characters at