I love getting lost in books. I’m a huge fan of falling down a rabbit hole into a completely different world. I dream of hiding away in an attic somewhere with a book that takes me to a place that needs rescuing (by me, of course).

I love dragons and I’m not afraid to say so.

The worlds I invent are inspired by Narnia and Underland. They are driven by curious children, lonely children, sick children – the ones we all root for because they never see themselves as heroes.

I love Harry Potter and live for the day I might one day stumble into a shop filled with magic wands that actually work. I love mythology and the idea of angry gods, loving gods, and evil gods who are doomed to live forever and long to control the small lives of those of us that live and die a mortal life span.

I love anthropomorphic animals who are wiser than we are. I love the idea of sting rays that can fly through the air like birds, and lemurs with leathery wings who can talk. I love pencil sketches that give my readers a glimpse into this world – a brief window to see the crazy inside my head.


But most of all I love my characters – children and adolescents who are living with a terrible disease. They are wise souls, and they deserve their status as heroes. This web site is a place to showcase my writing, but also a place for me to ruminate about what inspires me as a writer. So please do check out my blog.

My Published Works:


Dooley_ARKOMO_BOOK2_EbookEdition (small)








I’m working on the finishing touches of my third book, SPIRITWOOD. Book One of the CUT, BURN, POISON triology. This one has dragons!